Quiet Sea
Words & Music by Robert Z. Milla
The sun is slowly sinking down
The sea is calm and oh so quiet
The day’s preparing now to drown
Drown in the deep
Even the wind seems to be tired

But who’s the man
Sitting so lonely on the shore?
Is he just dreaming
Or is his heart aching and sore?

Oh yes, he knows that love is not an endless sea
And sometimes love can end so suddenly
‘Cos love is free
So free

The memories are coming up like fins
Do they belong to dolphins or to sharks
And when they fight who wins?

The night keeps closing in...

There is a dream inside of me
Keeping me far away from sleep
That I could melt into the sea
To find a place, a feeling infinitely deep

Just like the sun I’d like to drown and lose control
I’d like to sink in those illusions that you stole

Oh yes, I know that love’s not endless as the sea
And sometimes love can fade so easily
Now you are free
So free

The sun is dying now, the sea is quiet
The day’s now falling asleep
Even the wind is oh so tired

My heart welcomes the night